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Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Unwritten Rule in Selling Real Estates: Hold a Garage Sale

Article Written and Prepared by: Neoli Marcos

Clean and clear real estates sell better. Makes perfect sense. After all, not too many visitors will be thrilled to see other people's mess in the homes they're inspecting. You want to give your prospective buyers the chance to visualize the house with their lifestyle, not yours. So, if you're thinking of selling your property, consider decluttering and selling some of your stuffs first.

Hold a yard or garage sale!

Now you have the perfect time and/or excuse to get rid of those things just lying in your garage and gathering dust, or those tacky gifts given to you that you just can't find a place in your home. And you'll be making money at the same time.

Garage sales are also a good way to meet your neighbors one last time and say goodbye to them before you move out.

What can you sell anyway?

Anything. Magazines, framed lithographs, snow gloves, vintage wine bottles, children's toys, clothes, furniture, paperback novels, kitchen utensils, vases. Probably the only exceptions are 1. Unless you know you absolutely won't regret selling something later on, and 2. Unless you're not prepared to have the neighbors see some of your embarrassing stuff. But go ahead still. Remember, what is junk to you may be treasure to someone else.

Gather your stuff

Dust and clean them, (Of course, if you're selling antiques, it's better you leave the patina alone and resist the urge to shine them so they retain more of their value.) Organize according to type, (e.g. carpentry stuff, gift items, etc) and for clothes, according to size.

Present well

Set up tables, clothes racks, shelves, and boxes, and decide where to put your stuff in the nicest and most presentable way. You don't want buyers to drive by, glance a little, and then leave just as soon, so make sure you arrange your goods in such a way that people will be drawn in.

Be pricey

Put up tag prices for items; buyers will appreciate it better if they see there's a standard price for everything. If there aren't, they might think you price differently for people or you charge them higher if you think they can afford it. You might also want to group things with the same price, for example, “Everything in this box for 50 cents'. Be prepared to haggle.

Sell at online auctions

While you have a garage sale, you can also auction off some your things online if you want more people knowing about them. Online classifieds like OzFreeOnline has free to list features for auctions and general classifieds, and there's even a real estate section to put up your house ad: you get to hit two birds with one stone.

Donate to charity

Finally, you can also donate to charity. Hundreds of charitable organizations will be more than willing to take your stuff and clear your home for sale. Plus, you are reassured that your stuff will go out of its way to help someone else.

A final word

Of course, it's advisable that your garage sale doesn't coincide with home inspections. You don't want your potential homebuyers to get sidetracked by a wonderful set of chinaware or a stunning collection of butterfly mosaic. Your primary concern is still selling property, not sell your household stuff. If possible, hold a garage sale well before you put your home for sale, or at least schedule garage sales and inspection days on different days. Don't compete with your real estate agent.

Neoli write articles and press releases for - this piece he made served as an article exclusive for - which offers a comprehensive list of office & commercial real estates, homes for rent or sell and an apartment finder to thousands of properties in Australia.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Think Like A Buyer When You Have a Property for Sale: Tips for a Quick, Good Sale

Article Written and Prepared by: Neoli Marcos

  • Snag their attention. You want your house to get the attention it deserves. Most home buyers check out properties for sale by driving by to neighborhoods first. If your house has something catchy but elegant, like a brightly-painted door, or startling flowers in a well-kept garden, then people zooming by in their cars are bound to notice your house for sale and pull over; or if not, come back some other day (Make sure then that your house number is visible). Remember, first impressions count, so make unforgettable but right ones. Catchy and elegant. Not flamboyant and tacky.

  • Declutter. Once your prospective buyers are inside the property, give them space and breathing room. Don't totally clear out your house though. You just want to give them the chance to visualize their new living arrangement in your house, but they can't do that if that imposing lion statue or that rocking chair is standing in their way. This is the perfect time to discard those things you don't use anymore and which are just gathering dust in the basement. Start a garage sale or donate them to charity.

  • Think like a buyer. Buyers are nitpickers; they notice everything. From floors to ceiling, door hinges, faucets, gutters, light bulbs, window panes, lawn, carpet, shelves, bathroom tiles, cabinets, fences, sinks, the list goes on. Check everything, and nitpick your own house unforgivingly—all in the name of making a sale. Whatever needs to be cleaned, swept, or wiped up, do them now. Whatever needs to be repaired, redecorated, or replaced, do them now. Don't wait for your prospective buyers to point them out.

  • It's all in the details. Indoor plants say all the nice things, provided they do not crowd the house. Get some plants inside your property to give it a fresh, vibrant mood. Mirrors too create the illusion of space and brighten up any room.

  • Smells count. What you don't know is that smells can make or break a property sale. Odors register with such an impact on people's feelings and moods. You don't want your house viewers (and smellers) to be welcomed by pet odors and cigarette fumes. Instead you want them smelling the right, pleasant, and purchase-inducing aromas. Brew coffee, bake bread with cinnamon, and light subtly perfumed candles.

  • Take a good photo of your house for sale. Pictures say a thousand words. If you're uploading photos on any of the free classifieds in the Internet like Oz Free Online, you might as well take the most flattering picture of your property. Get a good camera, stage your shots well, and make sure you have the best vantage point for the room. Remember, all it takes is a click by that short-attention spanned buyer to get to the next property on another page, so make sure your house for sale is worthy of a second look.

Neoli write articles and press releases for - this piece he made served as an article exclusive for - which offers a comprehensive list of office & commercial real estates, homes for rent or sell and an apartment finder to thousands of properties in Australia.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

There is No Bad Weather to Check out Real Estate

Article Written and Prepared by: Neoli Marcos

Sunny skies are what most of us look forward to when checking out real estates. It may be that we need the light, or we need the wakefulness, or we need the cheery mood. Whatever the case, real estate agents want to tour you in the house at the right times, and see to it the house is presented in the best light possible.

But of course, the best light isn't always good when you're buying real estate. No matter how deep you've fallen in love with a house or apartment, you will want to know its flaws and damages. If your real estate agent is upfront with you about those flaws and repair issues, then good. But what if not?

In this case, bad weather can have its good sunny side. Just like bad weather brings out the worst in people, bad weather can do the same for real estate. If you have always been afraid of the rain, just for once don't let bad weather put you off in checking out that house or apartment for sale or rent. You want to make the best decision in buying real estate, and the rain is your best friend here.

Look for leaks in the house. That roof and ceiling might look good in sunny weather but they should never have room for even just the teeniest, tiniest trickle.

Check the drainage. Don't expect real estate agents to include flooded lawns and flooded garages in their descriptions while they're touring you in the house. Inquire immediately when you see it.

Ask yourself if you can fare with bad weather when you're already living in the house or apartment. Is the rainy view good outside? The rain can have a gloomy effect on many people, so don't always be fooled by sunny weather.

But hey, it hardly ever rains in Oz anyway. But, even so, the next time it pours, don't pout and say you'll have to cancel your house inspection. Now's the perfect time!

Neoli write articles and press releases for - this piece he made served as an article exclusive for - which offers a comprehensive list of office & commercial real estates, homes for rent or sell and an apartment finder to thousands of properties in Australia.