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Monday, January 29, 2007

How to Quickly Sell Real Estate without Denting Your Pockets

Article Written and Prepared by: Barbara Thorp

People sell homes for lots of reason: Sometimes homeowners are concerned about the rates in their neighborhood; sometimes they find a better home for sale somewhere else, and sometimes work-related transfers force people out of their houses. In most and usual cases, people ask the help of a real estate agent to sell homes the fast and effective way.

Having a real estate agent though has disadvantages. When you sell homes through real estate agents, they're inclined to take a commission out of your sale. This in and of itself can be very irritating if your home is not that large or expensive to begin with.

However, more and more people are discovering that they can sell homes on their own, without the need of a commission-charging real estate agent and this is through private sales in the Internet. Through free real estate listings, home sellers and homebuyers can transact between themselves and get more value for their money that otherwise would have gone to a real estate agent. With so many free real estate listings on the Internet, it's no wonder homes for sale is on a healthy boom.

Also, some real estate agents do very little beyond putting a sign on your lawn to advertise your home for sale. For that, you could have just sold it yourself. Of course, there are additional reasons why selling your home yourself may just be the right move for you and your family. Here are the top 5 reasons to sell your home yourself:

When you sell home on your own, without the help of a real estate agent, you won't have to pay commissions.

Selling your home on your own gives you more control over the process. You are not forced to deal with many of the overhead hassles that agents may put you through.

Control. You get to decide how much to sell your home for and when to close a deal.

Costs. When you sell home, you are going to have to pay a certain amount of money in getting things rolling, such as transfer costs, mortgage payments, home construction, etc. You will save on doing much of these on your own, as opposed to relying on a real estate agent, since there will always be extra fees when for their services.

Convenience. Selling your home on your own is a great deal more convenient because you are in charge of what happens at all times. From your open house to your home improvements, nothing will get done without your say-so. For homeowners who like feeling in control of situations, private home for sale without the meddling of a real estate agent is a no-brainer.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Having a Hard Time Selling your House?

Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia – January 18, 2007 --- One time I decided to sell my house because I needed to move in another location. Funny thing was; I don't know how the selling thing goes. Plus the fact that I don't know how to advertise it or do I really need to promote it?

I searched through the Internet regarding selling a house and good thing I found It is a real estate classified ads site where in you can post your homes, apartments, units, flats, and/or commercial space whether it is for sale or for rent.

And the best thing? It’s for free!!! I haven’t paid for anything. Not even a single cent.

Thanks to Oz Free Real Estate, now, I just sold my house with a very smooth transaction plus I got my new house also from the same website.